Been away for a few days, but had the idea of this mash from the Metro Station / Marvin Gaye mash I did a last month. Marvin’s vocals seem to fit so naturally over Metro Station that I couldn’t resist giving them another go. I got the mental several months ago, so just had to decide which Gaye track matched it best and Lets Get It On was perfect. Having decided where the chorus and vocals fit best over the mental, the only real job was to make sure Marvin is on tempo and in key (hopefully I’ve achieved this!). Having mastered the final track, I’m happy with the results. Hope you like too.

EDIT : Reached No. 7 in the weekly mashup chart – September 2009.

DJ Flashard – Metro Station vs. Marvin Gaye – Lets Get Seventeen Forever.

Mixed using Metro Station – Seventeen Forever (instrumental) and Marvin Gaye – Lets Get It On (Acapella).

Metro Station vs Marvin Gaye

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