Been itching to do a Linkin Park mash for some time now, so finally got round to mashing the pella to New Divide. Love Stoned by Justin Timberlake seems to be a fine partner. Had to work on the mental a bit to get it to match the pella, and also mashed in a couple of remix versions (the instrumental parts) to lift the original mental a little. Hope you enjoy – as always, comments and feedback welcome! If you like this mash, vote for it at Many thanks. ;o)

DJ Flashard – Linkin Park vs Justin Timberlake – Stoned Divide.

Mixed using Linkin Park – New Divide (Acapella) and Justin Timberlake – Love Stoned (Original Instrumental, Justice Remix and Roc Mafia Remix).

Download and audio streaming link/s here :