Worked on this a few weeks ago, but had to wait on releasing as the flip side should (hopefully) be featured on the radio soon! This track mixes Lily Allen’s vocals from 22 with Jason Derulo’s In My Head mental. The vocals needed cutting up a little to get them to key match the chorus and verse of the Derulo mental, but otherwise the mash went reasonably smoothly. I’ll release the flip side as soon as the radio show is aired. Anyway, comments and feedback welcome, as always! ;o)

DJ Flashard – Lily Allen vs Jason Derulo – Lily In My Head.

Mixed using Lily Allen – 22 (Acapella) and Jason Derulo – In My Head (Instrumental).

In case of any problems with YT, links to the Viddler and Vimeo streams below…

Download and audio streaming link/s here :