Well, as promised, here’s my entry into the MashStix Stanton Challenge Final. The only remit was to use at least one source from the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s and to make it a ‘dance’ mash. Always loved Soul II Soul and Beats International, so once I’d key matched them with Supermen Lovers, you could say the rest was history! Used Robin S to add a little extra something at the break and had to cut up the Starlight mental a little as I only had the extended version. Not sure whether you’ve noticed, but I also moved some of the Dub Be Good To Me vocals, especially at the start, the match the mental key – hope that doesn’t detract any for you – to me, it made very little difference (just sounded more natural). Anyway, please vote for me at the link below. Enjoy! ;o)


DJ Flashard – Beats International vs Soul II Soul vs The Supermen Lovers – Starlight (Dub Be Good To Life).

Mixed using…
Beats International – Dub Be Good To Me (Acapella)
Soul II Soul – Back To Life (Acapella)
Robin S – Show Me Love (Acapella)
The Supermen Lovers – Starlight (Instrumental)

Audio streaming link/s here :