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Again, this one came together quite quickly. Wasn’t sure whether to keep Steven Tyler’s vocals in, but thought it added an extra dimension, and I think I kinda like the idea of him ‘featuring’ on the track! Anyway, hope you enjoy!! ;o)

DJ Flashard – Nelly Furtado Vs Keri Hilson – The Night Is Young For A Pretty Rock Girl.

Mixed using Nelly Furtado – Night Is Young (Acapella), Aerosmith – Livin’ On The Edge (Acapella) and Keri Hilson – Pretty Girl Rock (Instrumental).

Download and streaming link/s here :

I know Kylie – All The Lovers is a well used source for mashups, but wanted to put my own slant on it. Hope you like the vocal interplay with Usher – Stranger. And with Katy Perry providing the mental from Pearl, it’s all very pop-y and main stream, but I hope you agree it works! Enjoy! ;o)

DJ Flashard – Kylie vs Usher vs Katy Perry – All The Strangers.

Mixed using Kylie – All The Lovers (Acapella), Usher – Strangers (Acapella) and Katy Perry – Pearl (Instrumental).

Download and audio streaming link/s here :