Been meaning to have a go at this since I found ccMixter.Org a few months ago, but finally managed to finish off a mash using a vocal from a relatively unknown artist (hope Snowflake doesn’t take offence from me saying that!). Anyway, she has a great voice and I hope you agree her pella from Seed (The Song) goes so well with the Goldfrapp mental to Little Bird. Snowflake’s vocals are provided on a Creative Commons licence – I’ve tried to use their html code below to give credit to Snowflake for this vocal – hope it works! Anyways, enjoy, and as always, comments / feedback welcome.

DJ Flashard – Snowflake vs Goldfrapp – Little Seed.

Mixed using Snowflake – Seed (Acapella) and Goldfrapp – Little Bird (Instrumental).

Download and streaming link/s here :