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Had a bit of a laugh making this mash. Avril’s vocals needing cutting up a fair bit to make them match the reggae beat of the Musical Youth mental, but I think she sounds good with a reggae backing.

DJ Flashard – Avril Lavigne vs Musical Youth – Here’s To Never Passing The Dutchie.

Mixed using Avril Lavigne – Here’s To Never Growing Up (Acapella) and Musical Youth – Pass The Dutchie (Instrumental).


Download and streaming link/s here :

Had to play about with the Taylor Swift mental a little bit to get the vocals to match up. Also, increased the speed of the track a little as the mental was too slow. Think it works better now. Cheers!

DJ Flashard – Beyonce vs Taylor Swift – Everything I Never Had.

Mixed using Beyonce – Best Thing I Never Had (Acapella) and Taylor Swift – Everything Has Changed (Instrumental).


Download and streaming link/s here :

Stumbled on the Cutting Crew mental the other day and was looking for a pella to match it with. Think Lady Gaga works pretty well. As always, comments welcome. Hope you enjoy!

DJ Flashard – Lady Gaga vs Cutting Crew – (I Just) Died In Your Glory.

Mixed using Lady Gaga – Edge Of Glory (Acapella) and Cutting Crew – (I Just) Died in Your Arms (Instrumental).


Download and streaming link/s here :