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Had to pitch shift the Aplin mental up to match the Rihanna key. A few adjustments to the vocal placing and few cuts to the mental later, and here we are! An acoustic We Found Love.

DJ Flashard – Rihanna ft Calvin Harris vs Gabrielle Aplin – We Found Salvation.

Mixed using Rihanna ft Calvin Harris – We Found Love (Acapella) and Gabrielle Aplin – Salvation (Instrumental).


Download and streaming link/s here :

Mixed for the Summer! Vocals from Icona Pop and TATU mashed with the dance version of Mr Probz – Waves. Enjoy the holidays!!

DJ Flashard – Icona Pop vs Tatu vs Mr Probz – I Love Waves She Said.

Mixed using Icona Pop – I Love It (Acapella), Tatu – All The Things She Said (Acapella) and Mr Probz – Waves (Robin Schulz Instrumental Remix).


Download and streaming link/s here :

Think Queen’s Hammer To Fall needed a little updating, so think Lily does the trick rather well. The mental is at the correct speed, so just had to adjust the pella and move the vocals a little to match the beat a little closer.

DJ Flashard – Queen vs Lily Allen – Hard Hammer To Fall.

Mixed using Queen – Hammer To Fall (Acapella) and Lily Allen – Hard Out Here (Instrumental).


Download and streaming link/s here :

There’s something satisfying working with Marvin’s vocals. He’s just so soulful and cool. Thought the Lucie Silvas mental worked well with Doggone and sounded like a more acoustic version. Had to cut up the pella a little to get it to fit the key changes better, but hopefully that isn’t too noticable. Enjoy!

DJ Flashard – Marvin Gaye vs Lucie Silvas – The Game Is Doggone.

Mixed using Marvin Gaye – I’ll Be Doggone (Acapella) and Lucie Silvas – The Game Is Won (Instrumental).


Download and streaming link/s here :

Mashed for #projectflake :
99 different mashups of 99 LuftBallons / Red Balloons vs 99 Problems all released on one day (June 28th 2014).

DJ Flashard – Jay-Z vs Nena – 99 Popped Balloons.

Mixed using Jay-Z – 99 Problems (Acapella) and Nena – 99 Red Balloons (Original and Ritz 99 Red Ballons Aushine Versions).


Download and streaming link/s here :

Waves has got to be the hit of the summer, so only too glad to do a chilled-out mash with it, and Katy Perry’s vocals are the perfect match. Lay back, relax and chill out to the sounds of the Summer! ;-)

DJ Flashard – Katy Perry vs Mr Probz – Alien Waves.

Mixed using Katy Perry – ET (Acapella) and Mr Probz – Waves (Instrumental).


Download and streaming link/s here :

Love Clarity, so was happy to do a mash with it. Tried to slow it down a little and make it a little more pop-y. Bastille is a great match and I love that the Bastille vocals kick in later in the mash and act as backing vocals for Foxes. Hope you enjoy – comments welcome!

DJ Flashard – Zedd vs Bastille – Clarity In Our Flaws.

Mixed using Zedd – Clarity (Acapella) and Bastille – Flaws (Instrumental).


Download and streaming link/s here :

Kinda an acoustic version of the Ellie Goulding track, Burn. Had to clean up the pella a little as not entirely sure it’s the studio version (a little too much echo and distortion). Think the keys match the Taylor Swift track pretty well tho. Hope you like! Cheers.

DJ Flashard – Ellie Goulding vs Taylor Swift – Breathe and Burn.

Mixed using Ellie Goulding – Burn (Acapella) and Taylor Swift – Breathe (Instrumental).


Download and streaming link/s here :

Sorry it’s been a while since my last mashup, but hopefully this will go some ways to making up for it. Had to cut up the Tom Petty mental a little to match the Queen / Bowie vocals, but I think the keys go very nicely together!! More mashups coming soon. Cheers.

DJ Flashard – Queen and David Bowie vs Tom Petty – American Girl Under Pressure.

Mixed using Queen & David Bowie – Under Pressure (Acapella and Stems) and Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers – American Girl (Instrumental).


Download and streaming link/s here :

One day, Jimmy and Jessie got their creative heads together and thought “we’d love to do a collaboration together, but what should we do?”. Running out of ideas, they approached DJ Flashard, who came up with this little beauty! Cheers.

DJ Flashard – Jimmy Ruffin vs Jessie J – What Becomes Of The Broken Price Tag.

Mixed using Jimmy Ruffin – What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted (Acapella) and Jessie J – Price Tag (Instrumental).


Download and streaming link/s here :


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