I made this mash for the MashStix Face-Off Tournament. My first round match is against Sergio (who, incidently, also used a Shakira pella in his mash!). If you like it, please vote for me here…


Compared with some of my other mashups, this was fairly quick to do (it had to be as I had less than a week to produce it – and that was along with a rather nasty trojan infection too)! The Jeremih mental is fairly intact with the original, but the two pellas have been cut up a little to match the keys and tempo of the backing track. Anyway, hope you like it – if so, please VOTE FOR ME!! ;o)

DJ Flashard – Shakira Ft Kid Cudi vs Jeremih vs Christina Aguilera – Dirty Birthday Sex Again.

Mixed using Jeremih – Birthday Sex (Instrumental), Shakira Ft. Kid Cudi – Did It Again (Acapella) and Christina Aguilera – Dirty (Acapella).

Download and audio streaming link/s here :