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Think Queen’s Hammer To Fall needed a little updating, so think Lily does the trick rather well. The mental is at the correct speed, so just had to adjust the pella and move the vocals a little to match the beat a little closer.

DJ Flashard – Queen vs Lily Allen – Hard Hammer To Fall.

Mixed using Queen – Hammer To Fall (Acapella) and Lily Allen – Hard Out Here (Instrumental).


Download and streaming link/s here :

There’s something satisfying working with Marvin’s vocals. He’s just so soulful and cool. Thought the Lucie Silvas mental worked well with Doggone and sounded like a more acoustic version. Had to cut up the pella a little to get it to fit the key changes better, but hopefully that isn’t too noticable. Enjoy!

DJ Flashard – Marvin Gaye vs Lucie Silvas – The Game Is Doggone.

Mixed using Marvin Gaye – I’ll Be Doggone (Acapella) and Lucie Silvas – The Game Is Won (Instrumental).


Download and streaming link/s here :