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Mashed for #projectflake :
99 different mashups of 99 LuftBallons / Red Balloons vs 99 Problems all released on one day (June 28th 2014).

DJ Flashard – Jay-Z vs Nena – 99 Popped Balloons.

Mixed using Jay-Z – 99 Problems (Acapella) and Nena – 99 Red Balloons (Original and Ritz 99 Red Ballons Aushine Versions).


Download and streaming link/s here :

Waves has got to be the hit of the summer, so only too glad to do a chilled-out mash with it, and Katy Perry’s vocals are the perfect match. Lay back, relax and chill out to the sounds of the Summer! 😉

DJ Flashard – Katy Perry vs Mr Probz – Alien Waves.

Mixed using Katy Perry – ET (Acapella) and Mr Probz – Waves (Instrumental).


Download and streaming link/s here :

Love Clarity, so was happy to do a mash with it. Tried to slow it down a little and make it a little more pop-y. Bastille is a great match and I love that the Bastille vocals kick in later in the mash and act as backing vocals for Foxes. Hope you enjoy – comments welcome!

DJ Flashard – Zedd vs Bastille – Clarity In Our Flaws.

Mixed using Zedd – Clarity (Acapella) and Bastille – Flaws (Instrumental).


Download and streaming link/s here :